Our Story

Following up on the 2016 gold medal awarded by local press and guests, Rio Boteco, originally conceived to celebrate Rio Olympic Games, is back to East London for another Summer of fun, refreshing drinks and superb dishes.

“We’ve had so much good feedback and some many requests for another pop-up that we felt inspired to create another edition to develop the concept further and introduce new dishes, new drinks and showcase a bit more of our culture”, says Margô Marques, one of the founders of the events company MargoCamilo which carries over 15 years of experience in Brazilian thematic events.

For this year´s edition, Rio Boteco has partnered with The Pill Box Kitchen, set in a stunning Grade II-listed building, the former Allen & Hanbury’s pill-packing factory, in the heart of London’s East End, which has turned into a creative hub in Bethnal Green. “Large, versatile and with an outdoor space, it can host parties and a variety of activities. We feel it´s got the perfect atmosphere for Summer events, happy hours or workshops”, defends Gustavo Camilo.


Botecos & Rio

‘Botecos’, from the greek word ‘apotheke’, are traditional Portuguese local grocery stores. When ‘botecos’ arrived in Brazil they quickly became an institution for bohemians, musicians and artists in search of icy cold beer (Brazilians wouldn’t have it any other way), cocktails including the famous caipirinha, traditional delicacies such as pastel, empadas, moqueca and feijoada.
Today spread throughout the entire country, Botecos found in Rio the perfect laid back atmosphere where you can have a sip, your favourite bite and socialize.
At Rio Boteco,  we have the classic bar food , pão de queijo (cheese bread), cassava chips , pastel , feijoada and moqueca  and new creations by Gil Dantas.
On the drinks side of things, cachaça cocktails, including the beloved caipirinha, and Brazilian beer will be the Boteco´s highlights.